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18. marts 2020

Dear member

The newsletter is an initiative we are launching in our association - and what is more relevant right now? We are in the midst of the most recent crisis – Covid 19 / "The Corona".

The government continuously releases new, if not on an hourly, daily basis – and where the retail chains send mails with various demands for extended payments, cancellation of orders, and other demands for changes to already placed orders.

We think everyone should concentrate on getting involved in the actions that the government is actually taking every day, such as liquidity packages – and that we can now also send people home with pay compensation, and more will certainly follow in the next few hours and days.

In addition to this, together with Dansk Mode & Textil, we have suggested the Government that assistance be needed in the following areas; import duties, ownership of goods delivered, and a recommendation with various funds in hand, to help retail with X number of months rent-free, and again more is on the way!

So our recommendation right now is to engage in dialogue with its customers, both because it is in line with how our government would like us to behave, but certainly also because there is always a better result coming out of dialogue, and last but not least, something can be important for one and where it can be something completely different for another, so our calls are for you to contact your customers and get solutions made where all parties invite the case.

No doubt that the suppliers would certainly like to participate in the crisis Denmark is in, but everything must be done reasonably.

As previously written, changes happen every day - which also means that each of us, whether we are retailers, suppliers or e-commerce, must be ready to navigate differently than we did yesterday.

If there are drastic changes, we again have a completely different problem, which disregards the announcements the chains have brought .... and what do the aid packages look like?

If you have any questions about the above, or questions according to the government's announcements – then come to us at last. We may not be able to respond directly to everything, but we can investigate it and provide answers as soon as possible.

We will continuously send you various publications that we have prepared in collaboration with Dansk Mode & Textil – these deal with various assistance packages that the government has so far set in mind, and with a guideline on how to relate.

If you have heard of initiatives or other things that can help and give others in the industry good ideas to implement in their company, we would love to hear from you, so we can share it with other members.

Best regards

Dan Holmgren

For further info contact:
Dan Holmgren: Tel. +45 2081 4466 or email