Welcome to European Outdoor Summit, Sep. 19-20 in Malmö!

27. juni 2018

The sixth annual European Outdoor Summit (EOS) will take place from 19th to 20th September 2018 in Malmӧ, Sweden.

European Outdoor Summit is back in Sweden again. HuginBiz are proud to be the the first organiser of this great competence and networking platform in 2013 and we are a proud partner och member of the program commitee of the EOS 2019. This year the focus is on digitalisation. We think you might have something to learn, join us to Malmö Sept. 19-20th.

This year speakers will deliver presentations based around the Summit theme: The Outdoor Industry - A Progressive Business Sector, with the topic - Outdoor Digital, a key focus.

Like many industries, the outdoor sector has struggled to keep pace with rapid changes in technology. These have already had a huge impact on the way that we do business and as the pace of change accelerates, digitalization is going to affect everything that we do, from sourcing and supply chain, to engagement with end consumers, and even the constituent parts of products themselves. The European Outdoor Summit (EOS) will explore these themes and more, and discuss the latest (and future) developments in the specific context of the outdoor industry.

With world class keynote speakers, a programme of focused and highly relevant keynotes and seminars, and numerous networking opportunities, EOS 2018 will deliver an essential tutorial on ‘Outdoor Digital’ for all delegates. Crucially, each year this summit attracts hundreds of senior outdoor industry business leaders and opinion formers from throughout Europe and further afield, all prepared to discuss, debate and collaborate in a non-competitive environment. It is an essential gathering and a platform for cooperation like no other in the sector.



Keynote Presentations

Liselotte Engstam, Chair at Digoshen & Advisor to the European Commission on digitalisastion of corporate governance and supports leaders moving into the digital age:Leaders in a Digital World

“A challenging, yet exciting future awaits us. Digital technologies impact and change our world at exponential force. Companies, executives and leaders need to understand more of the digital impact to fully leverage the potential when bringing their businesses into the digital age.“

Based on leadership research and leadership engagement there are insights to build on and Liselotte’s presentation will discuss how leaders of the future will have to ‘sense at scale’, ‘involve to Innovate’ and ‘align the actions’ to take leadership into the digital age. This interactive session will explore the questions; are you coping with the increasing speed of change? Have you figured out what you need to un-learn in order to re-learn? And are you inspiring your team and ecosystem to take action?

Liselotte Engstam, Chair at Digoshen & Advisor to the European Commission on digitalisation of corporate governance


Magnus Welander, CEO and President of Swedish outdoor equipment transportation, packs and luggage specialist, Thule Group: From Helping to Bring Stuff to the Trailhead – to Joining in the Fun!


The driving force behind the transformation of Thule Group from a business associated with the automotive industry to a true sports and outdoor company, Magnus took over the role as CEO in 2010. His presentation will give delegates an insight into how the Thule Group has transformed from being the world-leader in car transport solutions for bikes, kayaks, skis and other equipment, to becoming a company that also helps consumers enjoy active lives with products such as bike hydration packs, jogging strollers and hiking packs, by holding true to their brand motto ‘Bring your life’.

Magnus Welander, Thule Group


David Lega, Deputy Mayor of Gothenburg: Love, Support, Demand and Encouragement - The Four Factors of Success!


A hugely inspirational figure, Paralympian David Lega was born with AMC, a disability, which meant he was paralysed in both arms and lacked muscles in his legs. Inspired by the 1986 World Championships in Disabled Swimming in Gothenburg, David started his swimming training when he was just 12. During his sporting career David has won numerous gold and silver European Championship and World Championship medals and set two world records at the 1996 Atlanta Paralympics , which earned him the ’Triumph of the Human Spirit’ award.

David is also a renowned speaker. Focusing on personal development, positive thinking, entrepreneurship and leadership. Entitled Love, Support, Demand and Encouragement – The Four Factors of Success, David will speak about how we can push our boundaries. His main thesis is that all people can develop and achieve more than they thought possible, according to ones own abilities. Motivation, inspiration and entrepreneurship mixed with humour and happiness in an interactive dialogue with the audience, means that no-one leaves a David Lega talk unmoved.

David Lega, Deputy Mayor Gothenburg, Sweden


Nick Chiarelli & Sophie Brodén, Foresight Factory: The Rise of Ethically Conscious Outdoor Exercise


We are seeing the emergence of ethically conscious exercise – that which combines fitness pursuits with volunteering efforts for eco-ethical causes and local communities. Getting fit, enjoying the outdoors and living ethically are areas of life in which consumers can require additional motivation. Combining them and gamifying the experience makes it fun, and easier to maintain, while creating a double feel good boost. Leisure time is upgraded, and social status gets a welcome enhancement. We'll explore the drivers of this new phenomenon and see how it is making itself manifest with examples including “plogging”.

Nick Chiarelli, Foresight Factory

Breakout Sessions

Digital Technology - Risk Management & Opportunities:
Anne Gillespie, Director of Industry Integrity for global non-profit organization Textile Exchange.

As the world is starting to ask businesses to take responsibility for the products they source, companies need information and a means to take action: visibility into their supply chains, transparency into the impacts, tools to capture data and measure effect and change, and collaboration to link the efforts of the many players together. Technology is playing an increasingly strong role in enabling industry to deliver meaningful change at the scale it is needed. Anne’s session addresses the sustainability challenges we are facing, the solutions being developed, and the role of technology to bring them to scale.

EDI – Driver of Digitalisation in the Supply Chain: Markus Müller & Klaus Förderer - GS-1

Although present for many years, EDI is still the backbone of digital communication between supply chain partners in order to serve customers in the best way.
The presentation gives an overview of the current importance of EDI in general and – combination with process recommendations – how to add value for businesses and consumers. This leads to fast and reliable replenishment through automated processes. Additionally Best-Practice-Examples are given from the apparel sector and how GS1 Standards provide benefits for all partners.

Digitalisation, Omnichannel-Retail, Customer Journey – disruptive new technologies need to count on reliable communication standards.

The growth of eCommerce and the impact of our shopping habits in 2018:
Alexandra Wood - Rakuten Fits Me

How technology is fuelling how we interact and spend with brands, the impact this has on the environment and growth of returns. How can we get a handle on this and provide shopping experiences that are more personalised?



The EOS takes place from 19th to 20th September 2018 at the Clarion Hotel & Congress Malmӧ Live, in Malmӧ Sweden. Online bookings can be made at the EOS website

 Early bird discount rate of 5,550 SEK + VAT until Friday 27th July, increasing to 6,550 SEK + VAT.

Accommodation at the Clarion Hotel, can also be booked directly and information can be found on the EOS website.

In addition to a full programme of speakers, the delegate rate also includes a Networking Evening, which takes place on Wednesday 19th September.